Barbara Haviland

My name is Barbara Haviland. I have been creating fine art for over 37 years. I am mostly a self-taught, raw artist who draws inspiration from the world around me. I love taking workshops to further my learning. You can never cease to learn something new. I usually paint from my photos (but love painting outdoors). I love bright, bold, rich colors. I feel satisfied when someone can see the love I have put into the piece that I have created whether it is a landscape, a floral, a portrait, or a seascape. At this stage in my art career, I enjoy painting in Plein Air. It is both exciting and frustrating. Light changes, and shadows move, but I love it! A paint brush is my favorite tool. You can just about do anything with a brush and some paint. Painting brings out my passion. It is like reading a book; you can go anywhere. It is my escape. The problems of the world fade away. For a few moments, it is just me and the canvas. I feel as though I am meant to create art. GOD has blessed me in this way.


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