Gaylon Dingler

A fourth generation Texan, has been teaching drawing and painting for over forty years. He grew up in Tyler, Texas and earned a BA at North Texas State University (University of North Texas now), and a MA at the University of Texas at Tyler. 'I am thankful to NTSU for the many art courses available to study. Before I graduated I studied design, drawing, painting, weaving, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, advertising art, jewelry making, calligraphy, as well as art history and appreciation.' After retiring from the teaching profession he devoted his time to writing, painting, drawing and ceramics. He wrote and published an article about his Indian bottles and stones. 'I have enjoyed making things all of my life. Currently I am experimenting with abstract painting along with my traditional techniques.' He recently published a book, The William Vagersteen Paintings, a mystery story concerning art history. Gaylon Dingler enjoys bicycling, the outdoors, history, animals, wildlife preservation, and gardening. He spends many hours on his tractor on his farm at New York, Texas.

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