Nancy Hines

Classically trained in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art, schooled as a Master at Azusa Pacific University, as well as throughout public school and other universities in the US, my work has had many influences.  It will, no doubt, have many more as I move through this marvelous existence called life.   I grew up a Marine brat and lived mainly in Virginia, California, and Texas... all very different cultures while fitting beautifully into the delightful unity that is America.  I had several different majors while at the University of Texas, including engineering, advertising, and music.  I can't seem to get enough education, so I returned to Sam Houston State University and earned a teaching certificate in art and theater.  I used this far more than my BA in music by teaching in the public schools of Cypress, near Houston, for sixteen years.  I decided to return to school yet again after attending a workshop at Angel Academy in Florence and completed their three year program in June 2013. I am currently combining my career as a painter with an adjunct professorship and teaching high school art.  I have found no discipline or medium of art that I do not enjoy!  Drawing has, however, been my mainstay no matter what else I am experimenting with, so you will inevitably find a lot of drawing and its influence in my portfolio.

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