Pat Meyer

Pats work is now enjoyed, and collected, by many prominent art enthusiasts from around the country. She attributes much of her success to the professional artists that she has had the rare opportunity to study under. Pat has studied with Master Artists... Robert Johnson, Qiang Haung, Judy Crowe, Daniel Keys, Clayton Beck and John Budicin.  

She feels that their teaching, mentoring and and love of art have greatly influenced her personal style of painting.  Pats main goal is to continue to grow in her art, to achieve an even higher level of professionalism by studying and painting daily and to share her knowledge with others. 

As you look deep into the heart of each of Pats paintings you will see that they are not just beautiful pieces of art.  Each piece conveys its own special message of hope. Each painting carries a message of peace, joy, and beauty.  Reminding us of all that God has blessed our lives with each day.

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